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*Business Operating System as a Service

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All-in-one app to run your company and track business health with an ECG-style chart.
In real-time.

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All of your work in one super-app: Tasks, Chat, HR, Finance, Sales and more...
Powered by AI. And available with a single subscription.

Like a Swiss Army knife for your business – Aqtos provides you with a software that unites work and business operations while boosting your team's productivity. It provides an all-in-one business operating system in a nicely designed app that can also help you track the company health in real-time. Without any of the tech headaches for setup.

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is all about managing:







*Business Operating System as a Service

BCG - Track the Pulse of Your Business

We introduce the world's first Business Condition Graph (BCG), a patent-pending feature analogous to an ECG but for your business's health. The BCG provides a dynamic, real-time graphical representation of your business's overall condition, mapping out various operational metrics like communication, cash flow, project progress, and team productivity.

BCG Helps You Measure Your Workflow Pressure

A single source of truth for your business

Works best for:

  • Corporate Teams & Departments
  • Tech Companies
  • Startups
  • Small and Medium Businesses
  • Social Impact Organizations
  • Modern Enterprises
  • Media Companies
  • Agencies
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Endless World of Integrations

We built Aqtos to support ANY integration.

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Btw, your data is YOUR data.

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Imagine an ECG chart for your business...

That’s what we bring you with our Business Condition Graph (BCG). Think of it as the heartbeat of a business, constantly monitoring, analyzing, and providing vital signs on company performance. This means issues can be identified and addressed before they become critical, ensuring the business thrives.

Aqtos is built by experts with 20+ years in business and tech. We've led global teams and developed solutions for millions.

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