Sure, you can continue juggling and paying for multiple subscriptions, getting lost in a maze of project management, HR, sales pipeline, DMS, calendars, and other business apps...


You can just switch to Aqtos.

is all about managing:







*Business Operating System as a Service

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    Imagine ECG, But for Your Business.

    Pioneering feature analogous to an ECG but for your business's health


    Company Vitals

    Birds-eye View of Your Company Health

    Gain a bird's-eye view of your company to pinpoint areas for improvement and spot red flags effortlessly.


    Workflow pressure

    Measure your Workload in Real-time

    Measure your workload in real-time to manage and balance your team's capacity effectively.


    Work Management

    Manage Work like a BOSS*

    Organize, manage, and track your tasks seamlessly for peak operational efficiency.

    alternative for

    Personal AI Assistant

    Meet Aqtobot

    Your company AI assistant, streamlining tasks and offering smart, personalized support and advice.

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    Goals & OKRs

    Align and Achieve Your Targets

    Set, track, and achieve your goals with structured OKRs to drive business success and team alignment.

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    Client Management

    Build Strong Connections

    Manage and nurture client relationships effectively for long-term business success.

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    Project management

    Kanban Boards

    Project workflows with intuitive Kanban views for enhanced team collaboration and progress tracking.

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    Tasks, Subtasks & Checklists

    Supported by Automations

    Break down projects into manageable tasks and checklists for clear, organized execution.

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    Business Process Automations

    Effortless Workflow

    Automate routine tasks and processes, boosting efficiency and accuracy across your business.

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    Productivity Monitoring

    Smart Productivity Alerts

    Track and analyze productivity trends to optimize workflows and enhance team performance.

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    CRM with Data Enrichment

    Manage Enriched Relationships

    Empower your CRM with deep data insights to build stronger, more informed customer connections.

    powered by Aqtos DATA / alternative for

    Employee management

    Empower Your Team

    Efficiently manage and support your workforce for enhanced productivity and satisfaction.

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    Onboarding & Offboarding

    Seamless Transitions

    Entry and exit process for employees, ensuring a smooth and positive experience.

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    Talent Management

    Cultivate Top Talent

    Strategically manage and develop your workforce for optimal performance and growth.

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    Employee Experience

    Enhance Employee Wellbeing

    Foster a positive and productive work environment to boost employee satisfaction and retention.

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    Attract Top Candidates with Ease

    Streamline your hiring process to efficiently identify and onboard exceptional talent.

    powered by Aqtos DATA

    People Analytics

    Unlock Workforce Insights

    Data-driven analysis to understand and optimize your team's dynamics and performance and detect burnout.

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    Team Collaboration

    Unite for Success

    Enhance teamwork with tools that foster effective communication and collaborative achievement.

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    Attendance Management

    Time off, Absence and Time Tracking

    Accurately monitor and manage employee attendance to ensure reliability and productivity.

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    Pulse & Employee Surveys

    Gather Valuable Insights

    Regularly capture employee feedback and sentiments to inform and improve workplace strategies.

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    Sales Operations

    Streamline Your Sales Pipeline

    Optimize lead management and sales pipeline for efficient, results-driven operations.

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    Simplify Salary Management

    Efficiently manage and process payroll with accuracy and ease, ensuring timely compensation.

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    Expense Management

    Control Costs Effectively

    Simplify and centralize tracking, reporting, and reimbursement of business expenses.

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    Billing & Invoicing

    Unified Financial Operations

    Efficiently manage billing and create invoices, ensuring accuracy and timely payments.

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    Banking & Payments

    Open Banking Integration

    Manage banking and process payments with ease, ensuring secure and efficient financial operations.

    easy integration with your bank


    Company Chat

    Connect Instantly

    Facilitate real-time conversations and collaboration within your team for swift communication.

    alternative for


    Organize and Sync Events

    Manage schedules effectively with a user-friendly calendar to plan and track important events and meetings.

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    Company Q&As

    Engage in Dialogue

    Foster open communication and knowledge sharing through interactive company-wide Q&A sessions.

    imagine an internal Quora

    Policy Management

    Govern with Clarity

    Efficiently create, distribute, and manage company policies to ensure compliance and understanding.

    achieve easy compliance

    Remote Work

    Work Without Borders

    Enable seamless, efficient remote working capabilities for your team, regardless of location.

    remote work friendly platform

    Document Management System

    All Your Docs in One Spot

    Efficiently organize, store, and access all your documents in one secure, easy-to-manage system.

    alternative for

    Resource Management

    Optimize Your Assets

    Effectively allocate and manage company resources for maximum efficiency and productivity.

    a modern and AI powered ERP solution


    AI Powered Platform

    Utilize the Real Power of AI

    Leverage cutting-edge AI for insightful, data-driven business strategies. Based on proprietary models + OpenAI

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    Website Monitoring

    Keep an Eye on Your Website

    Continuously track your website's performance and uptime, ensuring a seamless online presence.

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    Dark Web Check

    Safeguard Digital Assets

    Proactively monitor the dark web for potential threats or breaches to protect your business data.

    powered by Aqtos DATA

    Reputation Management

    Personal & Brand Integrity

    "Actively manage and enhance both personal and brand reputations for lasting, positive impact.

    powered by Aqtos DATA

    Automated Breach Alerts

    Stay Ahead of Threats

    Receive instant notifications of security breaches to promptly address and mitigate risks.

    powered by Aqtos DATA
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